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                        Get Ready Butter cup !


Ok lets get a Baseline and I'll tell you about a few things we will be doing during our challenge...

some of the protocol's I mention below individually might seem trivial and might not significantly move the needle in a positive direction but by combining them we will get the synergistic effect we are after and get the best ROI.

1.   Measure your weight: Get on a scale and write down your weight ( note time of day try to always use the same scale and weigh yourself at same time and even the same day of week if possible with same amount of clothing) so you can eliminate the variables as much as possible its easy to have a weight swing of 3 lbs up or down on the same day.

2. Girth measurements: 4 locations get individual site measurements
by adding  all 4 site measurements together we can get a total amount (That will be your total score so you will know total inches lost as well where it you had the best results from by the individual measurements)

Upper Arm: around bicep with arm at 90 degrees relaxed or flexed.

Waist: at smallest point of waist between first rib and hip bone.

Hips: where glutes protrude the most ( try not to contract glutes) 

Thighs: at widest spot between hip and knee.
Note : Click here to get detailed instruction of how to do measurements.

3 . Try on an old pair of jeans or dress : maybe you have something you have not been able to fit into as well as you would like ?  take note of how it fits or doesn't.... put it away and try it on again at the end of the Challenge .... you may have some OFF THE SCALE VICTORIES and this would be a good way to measure one of them !

4. Take a Pre & Post Challenge selfie : don't worry you can keep these private or share if you don't mind.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Consider pre-booking a professional Photo session that will take place immediately after the Challenge the trick is to have it PRE-BOOKED . Think about it ......If you knew you were getting your pics done in 30 days and you already prepaid how motivated do you think you would be ? the answer is VERY MOTIVATED !!!!

5. Check out the Food List ( check our drop down menu) : go Grocery shopping you will need to pick up some Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Veggies for your Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.
Definitely consider getting a high protein powder ( to avoid stomach distress) 
you can check out the suggested supplements by clicking here or going to the 30 Day drop down menu. ( all 30 day challenge members get a 20% discount , no tax and shipping is a flat $4.95)

Note: You may want to consider purchasing some frozen pre-made meals ? You could pick some up at Whole foods or similar market . We are also working with a company at www.tryfuel.com they can ship you fresh frozen Organic meals directly to you home or office ( they arrive on Tuesday or Wednesdays) what I like about TRY FUEL is that I am on their Coaches program so I can go in and have TRY FUEL measure each of your meals to give you exactly the correct ratio's of Protein/Fat/Carbs according to our plan and what you like to eat >
we have a discount code we will be e-mailing you (all our members get a $20 discount)

6. Get a Water Bottle: we will be drinking 8-10 Cups of water per day. The importance of being optimally hydrated should not be overlooked I recommend you drink the best quality water you can find . I like to fill up gallon jugs at the Grocery store with Reverse Osmosis water it's only 35 cents a gallon and taste great !
I'm sure our liver's can filter out the Chlorine and fluoride and whatever else in our public water  but our livers already have enough work to do.

" The solution to pollution is dilution"

   Note: I suggest you drink at least 2 cups as soon as you wake up in the morning and 2 more cups about every 3-4 hours and stop drinking water about 2 hours before bed so you don't have to get up in the middle of the night and disturb your sleep.

one other tip ! don't drink to much while you are eating we don't want to dilute the digestive enzymes in our stomach while we are eating. I usually try to drink water 15- 20 minutes before or at least 30 minutes after I eat.

7. Order Supplements: Check out our supplements on the 360Vitamin Shop link .
all Pharmaceutical grade third party tested and all our members of the 30 Day Challenge get a 20% discount off Retail, no tax and shipping is only $4.95 though you can pay more for shipping to get shipping expedited. To get a 20% discount simply put 30day in as the discount code upon check out and pay no tax.
Note: we suggest you take a Multi Vitamin/ EPA/DHA ( fish oil) / Digestive Enzyme/ Protein Powder.
The protein powder is optional but it makes for a very convenient snack on the road/office/home and a great way to squeeze in some additional high quality protein.

8.  Take a picture of EVERYTHING you eat or drink: you don't have to share but their was an interesting study where the participants where not asked to change any of their eating or workout habits they only had to take a photo of everything they ate or drink and nearly all the participants experienced weight loss.  

9: Join our Facebook Group : 360PT 30 Day Challenge for accountability, ask questions and share   ideas or even a recipe. 

10. Pre and or Post Meal 60-90 second workouts : before and or after each meal we will do a very short moderate intensity exercise movement it could be one set of 20 x Push up's. 20x Air Squats, 10-15 Burpee's or 25 x Jumping Jacks if you are somewhere you can not do any of these you could just do a Isometric movement like a wall sit or press your palm together for 60 seconds thats all don't over do it !
Note: When we eat our body needs to store the excess sugars somewhere either as fat or maybe in the liver , but if could do a very modest pre and or post meal workout studies have shown that it will tend to shunt the sugar as glycogen to the muscles , plus we will get a light anabolic signal to the brain and burn a few calories.

   11. Intermittent Fasting; we will go for 12-14 hours without eating perodically WHOA ....of simmer down.....it won't be as hard as it sounds ! 8 of those hours will be while we are sleeping... the first week we will do 1 day of I.F. then the 2nd week we will I.F.  two days and so on. So if you have Dinner at 8:00 pm you will just have to skip breakfast and you can have a snack or late breakfast around 10:00 am the next day. nothing to it.  
If you would like more details on the benefits please check out this link Intermittent fasting benefits.
12. Sleep Hygiene: fancy name for ways to prepare yourself ahead of time to get optimal sleep.
      Sleep is when we get a natural spike of all the benefical anti-aging hormones to rebuild ourselves.
      and recuperate . You can only train as hard your ability to recuperate .
       for more details please check out this link Sleep Hygiene.

    13. Morning Ritual: you may already have one but don't know realize it ? which is why its    sometimes called Mindfulness practice. I used to hate mornings it was just a game of how many things could I shave off so I could stay in bed until the last minute, then race to work feeling frazzled. Now that I have started a morning ritual I actually look forward to getting up earlier so I can go through my routine its has really helped me to start my day off on the right foot.
Click here for more details on morning routine.
Link to morning Rituals

14. Active Recuperation days : "You can only get as strong as your ability to recuperate" taking some time to relax and recuperate is essential meaning must have ! we will schedule two days of active recuperation in each week but also feel free to do them any other time you can. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Take a hike or walk
  • Ride a Bike
  • Go fishing or hunting
  • Stretch/ Yoga Class
  • Get a message
  • Time with family
  • Ice bath
  • Hot bath w/epson salts or Sauna
  • Golf
  • Power Nap
  • Good nights sleep ( Sleep Hygiene) 
  • Mediation or other mindfulness practice
  • Morning Routine
  • Swim
  • etc...............

Next step check out the food list !