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We offer over 275 plus trusted brands of Pharmaceutical grade , 3rd party tested  Supplements and Health related products.


I have been only using, selling and recomending Health Practitioner Brands for many years now because their quality can be trusted. I have been using a couple of different brands because I have not found one brand that has exactly everything my clients and I needed with Welleavte I now have hundreds of combines to shop form in one place and now my clients have the ability to open their own account and order not only the products I recommend and things to brands prevand chose to use Wellevate 

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  • Members only discounts
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  • Third Party Tested products
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  • Over 250 trusted companies to order from with thousands of products.

Quality you can trust 

The EQP is a rigorous quality assurance program designed to provide practitioners with reliable information about the quality standards of participating brands in accessible, informative and succinct summaries.

We have carefully and comprehensively evaluated our EQP Silver and Gold Partners and attest that their manufacturing processes meet and exceed federal dietary supplement cGMP, including:

• Product design
• Manufacturing controls
• Raw ingredient and finished product testing

You may not be getting what you paid for ?

Washington Post : 

GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens accused of selling adulterated ‘herbals’


Some of the products and Services we carry :

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Supplements for your pet
  • Protein powders & meal replacements
  • Aromatherapy Oils and diffusers 
  • Oriental medicine
  • Greens and Fruits powders
  • Essentials Oils ( MCT, FLAX , EPA/DHA)
  • Herbs 
  • FREE consulatation with our Nutrition adviser to help you design a Nutrtional protocol based upon your bio-individuality and make product recommendations. 

What is wellevate

Wellevate is the online dispensary for Emerson Ecologics the leading provider too Health Care professionals. Pharmaceutical grade 3rd party tested.
I now have the ability to offer my clients products form over 250 of the Worlds leading supplement manufacters.