Scott Tulley Jr -2016 Xterra offroad World Championship

 I’ve been training with Michael with a few years now.  Though I was a college rower when we started, his expertise proved instrumental in my development as an athlete, aiding me in achieving further athletic pursuits including a fourth place finish in the 53 mile Birmingham Stage Race and a second place age division finish in this year’s Xterra Triathlon.  The exercises that Mike has created help to develop strength, balance, endurance, and coordination far beyond the typical regimen.  Currently, he is helping me train for the 2016 Xterra World Championship Triathlon, a race I know I will succeed in with his help.  Thanks Michael. 
-          Scott Tully Jr.

We are all so proud of Scott not only is he currently in his 1st year of Med School at UAB . He also finds time to train and stay at a high enough level of fitness to be able to win a spot at the 2016 World Xterra Championships in Maui last week and all the while remains to be one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  I'm happy to have him and his father as part of our Training group and really flattered  to think our training here has played some part in his success.

-  Michael Brooks
 Coach 360PersonalTrainer