Testimonial- Todd Sharley


I am so pleased to write you a recommendation concerning our journey at the fitness center that started over five years ago. 
Wow! What a time we have had in the metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly is not yet complete can't say enough about your routines that we do three times each week and how much each workout is different from the others. I previously had worked out for 20 years at various centers but never had the tremendous range of exercises or programs that you have provided. As you know I had some shoulder issues when we started that up completely dissipated as we have worked on many exercises that have stretched and Limbird those muscles/joints what a relief . I only wish you could find the same care for the arthritis but I think that is on my ticket, as age is working against me there. You have truly develop routines that have increased my Power Rangers strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, muscular endurance  and cardiovascular aerobic capacity, what more can I say!! Another aspect of your routines are the unexpected challenges that you put into these workouts so good to keep us alert and competitive. Michael not only do I have the best trainer in Alabama, But also a very special lifetime friend. Continued success to you and your family as we continue to our journey, but also a very special lifetime friend. Continued success to you and your family as we continue to our Journey for many years into the future. Please have anyone contact me for additional information. 


Todd Sharley Realty

South Birmingham Alabama  

I just can't say enough nice things about Todd Sharley he is one of my heroes, he also ways has a positive attitude , good family man with solid core values and to top it off is a successful respected businessmen and physically can do just about any movement or lift in or outside the gym. Its an honor to to be able to spend time with folks like him every week.

Michael Brooks