Free Personality Test


I highly recommend you give this free Myers-Briggs test at a try at to find out your personality type .
to find your strengthes and weaknesses to be happier with yourself and commuincate more effectively with others and even what career path your personality might be best suited for .

I did the test and my score put me as a Mediator Type which I think was very accurate and my wife and son agreed.

One of the points I got from this test that I thought was interesting is that as a Mediator type I like to rise the people around me up and inspire them but that I had to be careful how I do it , because some personality types may take it as though I'm saying "they are not good enough" and dig their heels in . 

I have noticed that sometimes when I suggest to a client to try a certain diet or critique their technique I have on occasion received that reaction and was not sure why ?  ecspecally because I felt I had the best intentions....... I now know the reason may have been because some personality types might take it as I'm saying " They are not good enough". I never thought of it that way but I can see how that could come across that way so I'll will work on that along with some of my other weaknesses.

Michael Brooks- Head Coach