this is great way to make a quick healthy breakfast and take care of some of the left overs you may have accumulated during the week.
The picture above of what I had this morning was not planned out it was just what I happened to have in the refrigerator . I saluted the broccoli and spinach in Olive Oil for a couple of minutes added the Home made Grass-Fed ground Beef sloppy Joe mix my wife made threw in a dash of salt and pepper heated it up and  that was it. 

Get Creative ! all you need to do is

1. Grab any Protein you have leftover ( Beef , Chicken or fish or a little of each and mix together)
   Appropriate portion based upon your diet.

2. Grab a couple of Vegetables: At least 2-3 servings but but if its something like spinach or broccoli you can eat as much as you like.  
Sauté the veggies if you like but if they have already been cooked just throw everything in the pan or microwave and cook until warm with your protein and that it!
This is also a great idea for lunches and Dinners on the go or work.
 whenever we cook we try to make a little extra it doesn't really take any additional time and that way I have food to take with me to work in the morning I only have to grab a veggie and a meat and throw it in my pyrex covered dishes and heat them in the microwave at work when I'm ready.


  • 1-2 Portions of Protein ( whatever you have leftover in refrigerator Beef, chicken, fish ext.) 
  • 1- 2 portions fat use about a table spoon of Olive oil to mix into mix when cooking if needed.
  • 1-2 portions Vegetables ( throw in whatever vegetables you have in the refrigerator)
  • * Optional Carb you can throw in some rice or Potatoes if you are doing Carbs ( but this particular meal we are NOT adding in Carbs)

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