360PT Tuna Wrap

1 - 6 ounce can of wild caught Tuna
2 Table spoon of a Healthy mayonnaise such as a Avocado or Olive Oil based one such as this one from CHOSEN FOODS.

3. Salt & Peper to taste
4. Gluten Free Tortillas
5. Avacado
5. Vegetables of choice get creative ( shredded carrots, bean sprouts, lettuce)


1. Mix the Tuna,Salt & Pepper , Mayo and any other spices you like.
2. You will want to either heat the Tortilla in the microwave for only 30 sec or so to make it more plyable ( gluten free Tortillas are not as rubbery as the one's with Gluten so they tend to crack and break if you don't warm them up first)
3. Put it together and enjoy !

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