Low Carb Pancakes

 Credit goes to tasteaholics.com

Credit goes to tasteaholics.com

I'm a huge fan of pancakes ! give this recipe a try ..........

Recipe Notes

Not only did I discover the right combination of ingredients (for personal preference), I also fine-tuned my method of making the pancakes themselves. Here are some handy tips I can pass on:

    1. Use Softened Butter
      Use softened butter in the pancake batter instead of melted butter, or say coconut oil. This ensures extra moisture in the pancakes since the butter melts while cooking and remains inside the pancakes rather than seeping out.
    2. Cooking on the Right Fat
      We tried these pancakes on several different fats including coconut oil, spray oil, butter and bacon grease. We wouldn’t recommend using butter as it tends to burn when left on the heat too long. Coconut oil and spray oil worked equally well in creating nice, uniformly brown pancakes. Our favorite oil for cooking pancakes was bacon grease! It made our pancakes extra crispy on the outside without browning them too much.
    3. Watch Your Heat
      If your pan/griddle is too hot, your pancakes will burn before they’re properly cooked. If your pan is not hot enough your pancakes won’t be fluffy – the batter will spread to the edges of the pan and the pancake won’t brown properly. Try the pancakes on a medium flame and adjust from there.
    4. Do not Press the Pancake
      Due to impatience the first time, I thought the pancake would cook faster if I pressed on it with the spatula after flipping it. I was wrong. Ended up with very tough and dry pancakes.
    5. Flipping Only When Ready
      The pancakes should cook on their first side longer than the second side. A good way to tell when the pancakes are ready to be flipped is when the air bubbles that escape through the top are not refilled with surrounding batter. Using a wide spatula, wedge and wiggle it underneath and with one swift motion of the wrist, flip the pancake. When flipped, do not move it, let the pancake cook undisturbed. Moving the pancake around could rip the pancake.
    6. Drench in Butter and Syrup
      No matter your diet, a pancake is lonely without butter and syrup. In our case, we used Kerrygold Salted Irish Butter and Walden Farms Calorie-free Pancake Syrup. The syrup tastes great and has 0 grams of carbs
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