We will be working out 5 days a week and we will take 2 days off  "Active recuperation"
on the active recuperations day you can do any of the following.

Here are some suggestions for ( Rest Day) Active Recuperation:

  • Take a hike or walk
  • Ride a Bike
  • Go fishing or hunting
  • Stretch/ Yoga Class
  • Get a message
  • Time with family
  • Ice bath
  • Hot bath w/epson salts or Sauna
  • Golf
  • Power Nap
  • Good nights sleep ( Sleep Hygiene) 
  • Mediation or other mindfulness practice
  • Morning Routine
  • Swim
  • etc...............

    Training Days we will focus on getting both our muscles and Cardio system STRONGER.We do not need to spend o