WEEK 2 overview

Congratulations we have made it to week 2 ! there are a couple of things that will change this week.

1.  We are ratcheting down our Carb consumption from 150 grams to 100 grams ( about 3-4 portions) per day. 

2. We are going to IF ( Intermittent twice this week Day 8 & Day 10 ) 

3. We are going to focus on getting better quality sleep so we will work on "sleep hygiene" fancy               word for preparing your body and mind for a better nights sleep. We need at least 7.5 hours of QUALITY SLEEP !  .

If you are not getting OPTIMAL Sleep you should checkout the videos and product called Sleep Remedy formulated by Doc Parsley a Former Navy Seal , turned Navy Seal Doctor and member of the Naval sleep committee may want to try some of his sleep Formula all our 360PT 30 Day Challenge members get a 10% Discount . Its hard to pay the price on good sleep and this stuff works like a charm !

Checklist of things to get done within 2nd week:  some of these you should have done in Week 1 but if you haven't done them yet it's still not too late.........

  1. Order Supplements if you have not done so yet check out our 360Vitamin Store put in 360PT
    for a 20% discount at check out . Not sure what you need ? let me know I'll be happy to assist you
    find whats best for you my email is michaelbrooks360@gmail.com
  2. Take picture of every meal you eat including snacks everyday
  3. Take a Before selfie Picture ( you can keep this to yourself or share) 
  4. Get Baseline Measurements
  5. Join Facebook group 360PT 30 Day Challenge
  6. Check in with FB Group
  7. Keep Carbs around 150 grams per day = 4 to 5 portions per day
  8. Protein keeping around 75  = 3 portions of protein  to 150 grams per day = 6 portions of protein
  9. Intermittent fast two day's this week (Monday & Wednesday).
  10. Drink 8-10 cups of water.
  11. 60-90 Seconds of workout before or after every meal.
  12. Strength Training x 5 week
  13. Active recuperation x 2 week.
  14. Take Supplements everyday and the digestive enzymes during or after every meal.
  15. work on Sleep hygiene " Better night sleep" Click here for more info

Lets go to Day 8