360PT METCON WOD 7/5/16

CORE: Reps x 12 / Sets x 4
Note: Super Set these 2 movement together do all 4 sets then do 2 sets of the Glute complex by itself . 

  • Toes to bar w/ KB or DB ( 25lb or more just enough to hold you down)
  • Straight Leg Sit up

3 way Glute Complex: w/ band ( Glute Bridge, Hip Abduction, Rev Clamshell) x 15 reps x 2 Sets

Dynamic Warm up; Reps x 20 / Sets x 1 

  • Black Burns ( V,T,H,I)
  • Leg Swings 

METCON x 3 Sets
Note: try to keep you HR at at 220- minus your age and nostril breath )

  • Row x 2 min ( at a good pace 1.75- 2.30 pace)
  • Treadmill x 2 Min ( Keep the treadmill off and push it manually)
  • Elliptical x 2 min 
  • Jump Rope x 40 ( or 20 DU or Jumping Jacks)
  • Kettle Bell swing ( 20 - 35 lbs) x 30
  • Bear Crawl x 20 ( 10 with each side)

    Stretch: DONT FORGET TO STRETCH ! you don't want to be lean and strong and walk around looking stiff as aboard do ya ??? plus it may help you recuperate a little faster and have you ready for the next workout...... also eating a good post workout meal is a great idea this is a good time to stick in some high quality carbs along with protein and healthy fats your body tends to be more insulin sensitive for the 1-2 hrs prior to a workout and the carbs you eat tend to get shunted into muscle to replenish glycogen that has been used up during the workout as opposed to getting shunted into the liver or as fat storage.