360PT STRENGTH WOD 7/11/16

Core: "Stability Ball Complex" Reps x 12 / Sets x 4

  • Jack knife Sit up
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Floor Sweeps

    Dynamic Warm up: w/PVC pipe add weight if needed
  • Shoulder Dislocates x 20 ( palms up and palms down)
  • Towel Stretch with pipe
  • Windmills
  • Jefferson Curls

Strength: " Barbell Complex" x 5 sets x 6 Reps 

  • Romanian Deadlift 
  • Clean
  • Rev Lunge w/barbell in Rack position ( 6 x each leg) Elbows high
  • Over Head press ( good form 
  • Barbell Burpee x ; do a Burpee standing parallel to bar Burpee and jump over bar equals one rep.
  • Bike x 2 min ( or other form of Cardio run, Row, Elliptical , Jump Rope etc. ( moderate pace as a cool down and then repeat.

    Stretch: Work on any position you need work on then have a post work out Shake
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Protein powder shake with a delicious chocolate blast that’ll help you power through workouts.


1 frozen banana

1 cup of coconut milk

2 tbsp. of unsweetened Raw Cocoa Powder

1 scoop of Whey Isolate protein powder

optional 1/3 cup of coconut yogurt