360PT WOD 7/23/16 METCON

Core: Sets x 1 

  • Crunches x 100 ( break them up anyway you like but don't move onto next exercise until you get 100)
  • Swimmers x 100 ( break up anyway you like)
  • Side Plank x 1 min each side x 1 Set ( do an isometric squeeze on your glues and abs for the full min on each side you should be shaking like a leaf if you are really squeezing hard enough)

Dynamic Stretch: w/pipe or PVC pipe x 1 Set

  • Shoulder dislocates x 20 Reps
  • Windmills x 20 Reps
  • Jefferson Curls x 10
  • Couch Stretch x 30 second plus on each leg

Strength/Muscular Endurance : x 5 Sets

  • Row x 1 min
  • SDHP x 1 Min
  • Wall Ball x 1 min
  • Box Jump x 1 Min ( maybe substituted w/ alternating box step up's or very low box Jumps focus on good form not height)


    10 Minutes stretching and or working on any injuries  or exceptionally tight areas with foam roller, Band stretches , yoga or Static Stretching , heat and or ice . You are not only working on improving mobility , Rehab and injury prevention but this also helps take you out of your Sympathetic state ( fight or flight) and get you back into a Parasympathetic state ( Rest & digest) to help get your body into a recovery mode.