360PT Strength WOD 8/1/16

Core; Reps x 12 / Sets x 4

  • Mini Hollow Rock
  • Side Crunch
  • Side kick / back kick

    Dynamic Warm up: Reps x 20 / Sets x 1
  • Black Burns ( V,T,H,I) stand on one foot or a Bosu ball and work on your balance
  • Leg swings ( side to side and back and forth) 
  • Windmills


    Part A
  • Deadlift : Reps x 6 x 5 sets ( start at 50% 1RM and work your way up to a challenging weight)

    Part B
  • SDHP ( Sumo Deadlift high pull) Reps 21/15/9

    Part C x 4 Sets
  • Push up x 12
  • Supine Row x 10
  • Pistol squat x 8 ( 4 reps on each leg)
  • Bike x 2 Min

  • 10 Minutes stretching and or working on any injuries  or exceptionally tight areas with foam roller, Band stretches , yoga or Static Stretching , heat and or ice . You are not only working on improving mobility , Rehab and injury prevention but this also helps take you out of your Sympathetic state ( fight or flight) and get you back into a Parasympathetic state ( Rest & digest) to help get your body into a recovery mode.

  • Motivation: 

    Cory Holly a guy I consider a friend and a mentor . Is  a living example of how you can maintain a healthy mind and body with smart training and Diet. I'm currently enrolled in his Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor course.
    If you are taking a course in Health or have a trainer , they don't have to look as good as Cory does in a Speedo but they damn sure better be fit and strong otherwise look else where for advise.