360PT WOD Strength 7/30/16

Core: Jump Rope/Ab mat

Reps: 50/40/30/20/10

Dynamic Warm up: Reps x 20 / Sets x 1

  • Supine Leg Swings
  • Scorpion
  • Arms Slides

Time x 1 min per excercise x 4 Sets

  • Rower
  • Over Head Press ( strict w/good form)
  • Step ups or Box Jump
  • SDHP ( Sumo Deadlift High pull)
  • Wall Ball 8-12 lb ball

  • 10 Minutes stretching and or working on any injuries  or exceptionally tight areas with foam roller, Band stretches , yoga or Static Stretching , heat and or ice . You are not only working on improving mobility , Rehab and injury prevention but this also helps take you out of your Sympathetic state ( fight or flight) and get you back into a Parasympathetic state ( Rest & digest) to help get your body into a recovery mode.

  • Motivation: