360PT Strength WOD 9/26/16


Part A x 20 Reps x 4 Sets

  • Scissor Kicks
  • Air Bikes
  • Hip Raises

Part B  x 15 Reps / x 2 Sets

  • Gluten Complex w/band

    Dynamic Warm up: 
  • 3 way Shoulder Dislocates 
  • WIndmills
  • Jefferson Curls

    Strength x 5 Sets
  • SGL ARM DN SNATCH x  6 each arms
  • SGL LEG DB RDL x 6 each leg
  • DB OVERHEAD LUNGES x 6 ( 3 each leg switch arms and RT )
  • SGL ARM DB CURLS x 6 each arm ( standing on one leg switch arms switch support leg) 
  • SGL ARM TRICEP KICK BACKS X 6 each arm ( Standing on one leg swithc arm sswitch legs )
  • BIKE x 2 Min

    10 Minutes stretching and or working on any injuries  or exceptionally tight areas

    with foam roller, Band stretches , yoga or Static Stretching , heat and or ice . You are not only working on improving mobility , Rehab and injury prevention but this also helps take you out of your Sympathetic state ( fight or flight) and get you back into a Parasympathetic state ( Rest & digest) to help get your body into a recovery mode.